Drone surveys and aerial mapping

At Geodetica, we provide remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) inspection, survey and aerial mapping services in Canberra and surrounding regions. The Director, Jason Vella, is a qualified surveyor and RPA operator. Whilst he takes the lead on Geodetica’s RPA projects, Geodetica has dedicated RPA pilots who also assist with planning and execution of operations, working closely with clients in the renewable energy sector and also the real estate, construction and agricultural industries.

With a background in the offshore oil and gas industry, which included hydrographic surveying and seismic survey projects, Jason now applies these skills to deliver precise and reliable visual information and real-time data using RPAs. RPA (drone) technology is a safe and efficient way to perform surface research, in many applications.

Geodetica primarily focuses on the following applications:

  • We undertake inspections for wind and solar farms reducing the need for high rope access to infrastructure in safe, professional and timely manner;
  • We provide professional aerial imagery of commercial and residential properties and other assets, to strengthen marketing campaigns.
  • We provide builders and architects with accurate aerial images, which can be used to create 3D renderings of building concepts.
  • We map and study farmland in real time, including crop inventory and irrigation systems, providing insightful data.

We are building partnerships with high-profile businesses and government agencies on RPA survey and aerial mapping projects.

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Our technology

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) are rapidly transforming the way in which industries such as critical infrastructure, mobile telecommunications, renewable energy and construction invest in developing and maintaining their assets. Technologies like Real Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning enable the RPA pilot to safely and more accurately fly the RPA closer to vital infrastructure and at the same time greatly reducing the risk of multipathing causing the RPA to fly erratically. This enables more time spent capturing the vital data which contributes to mission success.

Geodetica uses the very latest in RPA from DJI, the M210 RTK, with a multiple of combined payloads including the Zenmuse Z30 and the FLIR XT-2 radiometric camera. These payloads can be configured to mount individually on top of the RPA or in a dual gimble set up mounted underneath the RPA.

The Zenmuse Z30 offers up to 30x optical zoom and an additional 6x digital zoom. Geodetica is now able to capture precise, detailed images and data collection increasingly faster and from farther away, if needed, minimising the risk to both personnel and assets.

The Zenmuse Z30 greatly decreases the need for dangerous and manual inspections, this allows Geodetica to fly an inspection mission and provide the client with either a post processed cloud view of the data or real time streaming to our central hub located on the ground. Geodetica has the capability to detect very fine damage of the blades and other critical parts of the asset whilst avoiding damage to the asset and or personnel.

Geodetica also uses the Zenmuse XT2 which is housed within a weather resistant encasing, combining FLIR’s advanced radiometric thermal sensor and 4k visual sensor. This allows unparalleled application of new technology to industries only before imaginable.