Who we are

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Jason Vella, Director

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Oliver Ciano, Director

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Tony Menzies, Associate Director

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Shirley Hardjadinata, General Manager

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Erika Prior, Business Development Manager

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Rebecca Clissold, Senior Project Support Officer

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Scarlette Machen, Project Management Practitioner


Josh Polak, Project Support Officer

About Geodetica

Geodetica is a Canberra-based consulting business that provides specialist support services to the public sector, corporate enterprises and agribusinesses. The Director, Jason Vella, has partnered with government and private industry on high-profile and complex projects in Australia and Southeast Asia. With an adaptable skillset, Jason has a proven track record of seamlessly delivering a diverse range large-scale programs and projects.

Our philosophy

At Geodetica, Jason is supported by a team of dedicated consultants, who share his philosophy of providing high-level services, efficiently and resourcefully. We recognise the importance of representing value for money, through the adoption of efficient practices and problem-solving techniques. By resolving challenges for clients with our established systems and frameworks, it increases their capacity to focus on core business activities.

Recent projects

Please find below a summary of recent Geodetica projects:

Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD) Program

Geodetica develops strategic program documentation, which successfully contributes to AIR6500 Phase 1 passing through Government endorsed approval Gates. IAMD is comprised of AIR 6500 Phase 1, AIR 6502 Phase 1 and AIR 6503 Phase 1, and LAND 19 Phase 7B.

SEA 5000 Phase 1 – Future Frigate Design and Construction

Geodetica manages the development and approval of a range of strategic program plans, coordinates contractor involvement, and develops and update the SEA 5000 program schedule.

SEA 1000 Phase 1B – Future Submarine Program (FSP)

Geodetica provides the FSP PMO with Earned Value Analytics of the Program's Prime and Sub contractors as well as supporting the CoA to conduct Integrated Baseline Reviews, and advise, construct, develop and update Scheduling solutions and Program Support to the Directors and Capability Managers, of the largest and most complex defence acquisition project in Australia's history.

Air Force Headquarters IAMD PMO

Geodetica designs and develops a multi-domain Integrated Program Master Schedule, manage Program finances and provide Program Support to the Directors and Capability Managers of the Integrated Air & Missile Defence Directorate and Program Management Office.

Airforce 2021

Geodetica provides Project Management and Support to the AF2021 Centenary Branch to deliver a national program of events and public engagement activities throughout 2021 to commemorate the Centenary of the RAAF. In this capacity, Geodetica delivers products such as the Project Management Plan, Project Schedule, Risk Management Plan, Project Governance Structure and Finance and Budget management.

Emerging projects

Geodetica has applied procurement methodology and developed contracting options across a variety of Navy, Army and Air Force emerging projects.


Geodetica has been appointed on the following panel:

  • Victorian Leadership Academy Executive Coaching Panel


Geodetica is distinguished by the team’s commitment to ongoing professional development. As the director, Jason leads by example, with the following qualifications:

  • Masters of Military and Defence Studies, Australian Command and Staff College
  • Diploma of Project Management, Certified Practising Project Manager (CPPM)
  • Graduate Diploma in International Affairs
  • Masters in Geomatics Engineering
  • Bachelor of Surveying

Contact Geodetica to request a copy of Jason’s CV.